The Dinner Chef

I had a Chef at
my house. He was
a great cook.
He served us Salad,
Soup and chicken corn on
blue, Diane potatoes.
For dessert cheese
cake with whip cream
and cookies.
I drest up in a fancy dress
and we ate by candle light
and had soft music.

Submitted by Sara Young at age 7
Text tranfered from submitted image shown to the right.


The Wedding Cake was both elegant and delicious.  The Cake itself was very moist and the frosting was perfect.  We especially enjoyed the Tuxedo Strawberries that were designed as a unique compliment to the Wedding Cake.  These were in place of the Groom's Cake, and everyone got to have at least one.  Amazingly delicious and the highlight of the reception; people were raving about them months later.

Kimberly Jo